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My bestest friends o u o
There's little niggas right here are my everything ♥ You all mean so much to me and I honestly wouldn't be breathing right now if it wasn't for all of you. You all mean so much to me and I can't let go of any of you.
Abbey- You are my only real life best friend. Aren't you pretty fucking special? You've been my friend ever sense I moved to Minnesota. It was a big deal, considering i've never really had friends in my whole thirteen years of existence. I'm glad you've been around for me! You make me a better person!
Alexa- I'm a terrible friend I never tell you how I feel because i'm always joking with you. You mean a lot to me and we are so much for that sometimes our emotions bounce off each other and it doesn't work too well but we usually make it work. I'm so glad I have you in my life Alexa,i'll never let you go again. ♥ Thank you for being here friend! You are my better half.

Jenny- You mean so much to me Jenny ♥ Even when we weren't friends I could never hate you. I cried many times when i lost you, so it's obvious I won't be letting you go again. You are so understanding and our attitudes fit well together. You are like me, but not. That's what makes us so good together. Just like everyone else, you make up for what I lack. Thanks for accepting me back in your life.♥
Chrissy- All I want to do is lift that frown into a smile. You've been there for me for so much. You don't know how much I wish I could spend hours upon hours cheering you up. The times I get to talk to you are great! I love hearing about all the stupid little things. Whenever you are upset I feel the need to help you and make sure you are okay. You are one of the reasons i'm still on this planet today. Thanks for putting up with my stupid shit. ♥



Dump account and other.



Facebook- Note me!

Xbox Live- xXDarkShiversXx


Art by LoversSuicide

I'm an artist just trying to make her way in the world. I go by Kayla mostly. No one really calls me nicknames. I don't open up easily. Or share emotions

What Am I Like
Bitchy, Dork, Sarcastic, Awkward, Protective, Needy, Cranky, Odd, Understanding, Giddy, Perverted, immature, Slow, Lazy, Mellow, Sweet, Random, Terrible at making jokes(corny jokes), Realistic, Quiet, Shy, Anti-Drama, Awesome, Helpful, Kayla.

What Do I Like Food, Nutella, PANCAKES, Pizza, Pocky, SLEEPING, Silverstein, A day to remember, Tonight Alive, Drawing, Galaxies, Stars, Pink,Red,Blue,Black, Cats, Skype calls, Stalking, Bitching, Music, Blocking out the world, Lemurs, Wolfs, RPing, making my friends happy, Playing games, Cute things, Yaoi, Gloomy weather, Lightning rods.

What I Don't Like
Drama, REPEATING MYSELF, Being ignored, Depression, Hot weather, People touching me when i'm mad(I'll punch you.), bullying, White girls(I am one tho), Stereotypes, People acting like they know me, Cleaning, Mom waking me up, Seeing(or hearing since most my friends are online) my friends upset, People.


♥My Main Couples♥


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